Grant Writing for Nonprofits: Current Trends and Focus Areas

Grant writing is a critical skill for nonprofits of all sizes. In order to secure funding, grant seekers need to be aware of the current trends and focus areas of grantmakers. This blog will discuss some of the most important trends in grant writing for 2023.

Faster funding: Grantmakers are becoming more interested in funding projects that can be implemented quickly. This is because funding agencies want to see their money make a difference as soon as possible. As a result, grant seekers need to be able to demonstrate the quick impact of their projects.

Collaboration and partnerships: Grantmakers often value collaborative efforts and partnerships among nonprofits. Exploring topics such as forming strategic alliances, building consortiums, and leveraging partnerships to strengthen grant proposals can be beneficial.

Social impact measurement: Grantmakers are increasingly interested in understanding the social impact of nonprofit projects. Topics related to measuring and evaluating outcomes, tracking metrics, and demonstrating the effectiveness of programs are highly relevant.

Increased corporate giving: Corporate giving is another trend that grant seekers should be aware of. Globally, many corporations are now setting aside funds for social impact initiatives. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits to secure funding from corporations.

Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion: Grantmakers are increasingly interested in funding projects that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is due to the growing awareness of the need to address systemic racism, casteism, and other forms of discrimination. Grant seekers need to be able to demonstrate how their projects will benefit marginalized communities.

Include innovation and technology: Grant writing in nonprofits is increasingly incorporating discussions around innovative approaches and the use of technology to address social challenges. Topics may include leveraging artificial intelligence, digital platforms, or data-driven solutions in grant proposals.

Accentuate storytelling: Grant seekers need to be able to tell a compelling story about their project. This means clearly articulating the need for the project, the impact it will have, and how the funder’s money will be used.

Incorporate sustainability and long-term impact: Grantmakers are interested in projects that have long-term sustainability beyond the grant period. Topics related to building organizational capacity, diversifying funding sources, and ensuring project sustainability are gaining significance.

Provide Data: Grantmakers are increasingly interested in data that supports the need for a project. This means that grant seekers need to be able to collect and analyze data that shows the impact of their work.

Importance of relationships: Building relationships with grantmakers is essential for securing funding. This means attending funder events, networking with other grant seekers, and following up with grantmakers after submitting a proposal.

By following these trends and tips, grant seekers can increase their chances of securing funding for their projects in 2023. Remember to tailor these topics to your specific nonprofit’s mission, goals, and the grant funder’s priorities. 

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