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Established in 2019, PQ began as a nonprofit fundraising consulting firm. PQ One emerged as a response to the needs of clients and students who participated in a course on nonprofit fundraising at Indian Leaders for Social Sector.

After two years of market research and evaluation, the quest for an ideal solution to address the fundraising technology requirements of nonprofits proved challenging. This led to the development of PQ One, which is based on the open-source platform CiviCRM. The software was created by a team with extensive experience in nonprofit database systems, both in India and internationally.

CiviCRM manages

189 Million Contacts

24 Million Participants

116 Million Donations

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Priya has over twenty years of experience in fundraising and related operations. She founded PQ (Philanthropy Quotient) Consulting in 2019. PQ provides fundraising services to nonprofits, and philanthropy services to donors to accomplish their mission effectively and efficiently. She also leads Old Dominion University’s Advancement Operations team. 

Priya serves as a faculty at the Indian Leaers for Social Sector (ILSS) and Naropa Fellowship, India. She  serves on the board of various nonprofit organizations in India and the US.

She holds Master’s degrees from Old Dominion University, US, and the University of Kerala, India. She earned her Executive Education in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Harvard University.

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